The purpose of the Parents’ Information Guide is to address several concerns that come up every year as the time for camp draws close. For many children this will be their first opportunity to experience the great outdoors, while for many others it will be a chance to build on last year’s experiences.

How Much Cash Does My Child Need?

All cash will be collected at registration & recorded on a debit sheet used in the trading post. We carry some toiletry items, stamps, sodas and snacks. Souvenirs range up to $45 for logo sweat suits & blankets. How much you send with your child is up to you, but $25 is recommended. Any balance will be returned at checkout.

Can My Hearing Brother or Sister or CODA Come to Camp?

We accept hearing siblings and Children Of Deaf Adults with a $425 fee if they are fluent in ASL. Out of state campers and those wishing a 2nd week of camp pay the $425. Camp scholarships are only available for Deaf or hard of hearing children from California. All registrations require the additional $50 non-refundable registration fee.

Costume Party & Dance

This is one of our more popular fun evening activities with games, contests and dancing. This year the theme will be “Enchanted Forest. Campers are encouraged to dress accordingly.

The Overnight Hike

This event is for 14 and 15 year old campers. It is a great opportunity for the campers to apply some of the skills they learned in camp. It is also a unique opportunity for each of them to talk about being a deaf teenager with their peers and camp counselors. It is a night of finding out that they’re not alone, that others share similar experiences growing up and are thriving.

The clothing should include light hiking boots or a sturdy pair of athletic shoes, 2 pairs of heavy socks, shorts, long pants, sweatshirt and light jacket for the night, a sleeping bag, and, if possible, a small back pack. Some back packs will be provided to share the load of provisions.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding including a possible trail ride for the more experienced will be available at North Camp. A small fee will be charged for this event.

Medical Information Checklist

IMPORTANT! All prescriptions must be in originally dispensed containers. Ensure prescription and dosage instructions are with the medicine, especially any updated instructions. Place all daily medication in a ZipLock type bag. Clearly print your child’s name on the bag with a waterproof permanent marker. All campers MUST provide proof of vaccination for Measles, TB and Tetanus.

It is a very good idea to place your child’s initials on their hearing aid(s) and have some type of watertight, durable container to store them in.

Please be sure your child is free of the following:

  • head lice
  • conjunctivitis (pink eye) or any other contagious condition

Send plenty of sunscreen and bug repellent.

Update Us… PLEASE

If your child’s medical condition changes prior to coming to camp, please let us know. It is for the safety of each camper that we have accurate information for our medical staff. This is especially true with prescription medication. Please let us know in writing, on the phone or in person at registration regarding any change.

Prohibited Items

A fun and safe camping environment begins at home. Possession of these items mandates dismissal from camp. So PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO BRING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:

  • Weapons of any kind (dangerous to everyone)
  • Archery equipment (slings or arrows)
  • Matches or lighters (dangerous to the forest)
  • Tobacco products including vape (dangerous to everyone)
  • Drugs or alcohol (dangerous for everyone)

The following are vulnerable to theft and should be left home:

  • Computer games
  • Radios
  • Food or food perfumed toiletries (Due to wildlife in the camp, food is not allowed in the cabins for the safety of all)

To Pack or Not to Pack?

Here is a list of suggestions:


  • pants (evenings are cool)
  • shorts 3-4 pr
  • swim suit
  • hat (sun protection)
  • socks 10-12 pr
  • T shirts
  • underwear (8 days)
  • face mask(s)
  • pajamas
  • sweatshirt (evenings are cool)
  • jacket (evenings are cool)
  • tennis shoes (two pairs suggested)
  • shower thongs
  • sunglasses
    • sleeping bag or sheets & blanket
  • pillow
Personal Items
  • bath towel
  • toothpaste & toothbrush
  • washcloth
  • soap & shampoo
  • beach/pool towel
  • plastic bags for wet towels / clothes
  • hair brush/comb
  • flashlight with new batteries
  • stationary/stamps
  • pen/pencil
  • sunscreen
  • bug repellent
  • chapstick
  • laundry bag
  • camera (include spare batteries & chips)
  • reading books
  • favorite teddy bear (optional)
  • water bottle

Tag all items

Riddle: “Why can’t your clothes play hide-and-seek at camp?”

Label (tag) all clothing and items (flashlight, hearing aids, shoes, toothbrush) with name of child (or initials) using a permanent waterproof marker (your choice of color). Thank you for tagging! Last year we had just a couple of unlabeled items left over to bring back to the office. These have since been washed and given away to families needing clothing for their children.

Sending Letters (Not Goodies) to Your Camper

One of the best ways to help the child feel secure while at camp is a letter (or more) from home each day during the week. Letters that help the child feel good include drawings (artistic or not) of and by family members showing the activities at home. Please, Do NOT send “CARE” packages with snacks!! They may attract the cute little (and not so little) animals in the surrounding forest that can bite and spread diseases. It’s a great idea to send your first letter on the Friday before camp begins and the last letter on Wednesday before camp ends.

The mailing addresses are:

South Camps
“Your child’s name”
c/o Lions Wilderness Camp for Deaf Children
Camp Teresita Pines
P.O. Box 98
Wrightwood, CA 92397-0098
(760) 249-3580

North Camp
“Your child’s name”
c/o Lions Wilderness Camp for Deaf Children
Gold Country Lions Camp at Ross Relles
25001 N. Bloomfield Rd
Nevada City, CA 95959
(530) 470-0413


What Time Is Drop Off and Pick Up?

South Camp – Camp Teresita Pines at Wrightwood

Drop off / registration between 2:00 – 4:30pm on Sunday.

Pick up between 9:30 – 11:30 am on Saturday.

> Map to Camp Teresita Pines


North Camp – Camp Ross Relles at Nevada City

Drop off / registration between 2:00 – 4:30pm on Sunday.

Pick up between 9:30 – 11:30am on Saturday.

> Map to Camp Ross Relles


It has been our experience that there is no emergency that would require campers to be contacted by phone unless it is an unfortunate death in your family. If your house burns down then the best place for your camper to be is at camp. Earthquake and forest fire preparedness is always on our minds. The camp facility is well equipped for an emergency such as this including flashing strobe alarms in all facilities. Please keep in mind that we may have over 200 people at camp and, if necessary, will call all parents / guardians listed on the application or emergency forms as time permits. Please use the phone number listed for the camp discretely.


If your (or your child’s) plans change and your child will not attend camp, please notify us so we may allow another deaf child the opportunity to go to camp. Each year we have “no shows” that fail to give us the courtesy of a call. Those openings could have been filled by someone on the waiting list who, instead, had to stay home and miss camp.There will be no refund of the $50 registration fee.

How to Keep a Great Thing Goin!

It costs us over $500 per camper to provide this week of fun for your child. The Lions Clubs of California work very hard in various fundraising activities to make this and several other community projects available to special populations. The next time you see Lions Club Projects like Mint Candy sales, hamburger stands, raffles, BBQs or pancake breakfasts; support their efforts! It all helps children go to summer camp. If you can afford to supplement your child’s campership please do so. Outright donations (tax-deductible of course) are welcome at any time. They all help keep a great thing going.

More Homesick-proofing Tips

Send a packet of self-addressed stamped post cards and ask your child for just a line or so a day. Pack a blank notebook for recording daily events, thoughts, names and addresses of their new friends. When camp is over it will remind them of the fun times at camp. Tuck notes, messages and photos of family and pets in among the socks and underwear you pack so the child will find these surprises at camp.

Answer to riddle “They’ve all been tagged.”